Baseball Betting

In general, a baseball game consists of two teams, each team consisting of a minimum of 9 players. As soon as the baseball game is in progress each team gets the opportunity to bat and field for a total of 9 innings. A single innings consists of three outs for each team and is continually rotated among both teams until the end of the game. The winners of a baseball game are usually the team that attains the most runs, which is achieved through the circling of the four bases on the field.

Though baseball is such a common sports, it is one of the least wagered one, of its kind. Some have speculated that one of the main reasons why people are hesitant to bet on a baseball game is mainly because they are unclear of the mechanics behind baseball betting; essentially they don’t know how to. Before an individual can potentially make a successful bet on any baseball game they will, of course, need to learn the basic

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The Three Basic Baseball Bet Types

  • 1×2

The 1×2 betting type is one of the most common and simplest forms of baseball betting. In a 1×2 betting if the person making the bet on a specific baseball game, bets £10.00 on the winning team to win at odds 4.250, then they would win £32.50 plus the £10.00 they bet initially giving them a total of £42.50. However, if the game ended in a defeat or draw for the team that was bet to win the bettor would receive a total of £0.00.

  • Handicap

The handicap betting is usually incorporated into the betting proceedings by the bookmakers when there is a known favourite playing against a lesser capable team. The bookmakers would possibly give the more established and capable team a 4.5 point favourite in their books, what this essentially means is that if a bettor was to bet on the favoured team that team would have to win by 5 points or more in order for them to win the bet; in this same instance if the bettor was to bet on the less favoured team they bettor would win if that team won or lost by 4 points or less.

  • Totals

In the totals betting the goal is not betting on the winner of a specific game, but making an accurate prediction as to the outcome of particular game variables; such as total goals, runs, points and other essential entities of a baseball game. The bookmakers would provide betters with the option to choose whether the total amount of points scored, will be above or below their assessment of the baseball game.

Therefore if a total goal mark for a specific baseball game was to be set at over 2.5 and below 2.5 and a bettor was to bet £10.00 on the baseball game, betting that there would be over 2.5goals. If the results were to be a 2-1 win, which would mean the scoring of 3 goals in total, the better would make a profit of £10.80 plus the original £10.00 that was bet. If the bettor had bet for the total goals scored to be under 2.5 that bettor would lose the bet.