Congratulations to Tarik Freitekh for winning poker game

Tarik Freitekh is a businessman as well as producer of international studio in Hollywood. Tarik is not only a producer but also a co- founder of Starbuzz entertainment, one of the famous international platforms for new singers.  Not only that, he is owner of numerous hookah lounges and bars in US. He is a famous personality who is always in TV headlines for various things; he is amazing in his work. Tarik is a famous personality and it may be because of his friend circles in Hollywood actors and singers like akon, Justin bieber etc.

Tarik Freitekh is not only a producer, director and an owner of multimillion properties but he is also a fantastic player of poker game. Recently, he won approx $200,000 in poker tournament that had been launched in Cherokee Casino. In an interview, he said that he is a good face reader and that always helps him in winning.  When someone asked that from where did he get the talent of reading people? He replied that living in L.A and because of his profession, he met so many people that helped him in learning about the expressions. He also said that he is not interested in being a full time poker player but he will definitely play tournaments as poker is one of the favorite hobbies of Tarik.