Does online Poker beat the real life experience?

Poker is one of the most popular card game in the world. Also the sums you could potentially win in this game can be really impressive. This if you got the necessary patience, skill and a little bit of luck, of course.

As timed progressed, there were a few changes that hit this niche market, but it wasn’t necessary a bad thing. We are talking about the internet, of course! With the apparition of this network of interconnected computers, a new opportunity presented for casino or entrepreneurs around the world. More exactly taking the offline experience of a game (in our case Poker) and transfer it in the online space.

At first the gaming experience wasn’t that stellar. This was the case for many online betting platforms. But as time progressed, yet again, and the competition and technology got a bit more stimulated, nowadays the grand majority of the online operators that offer poker as an option are doing a really good job „cloning” the real life experience. But now the question emerges: ”does online poker beat the real life feel of the game?”

Well, in order to write a somewhat conclusive answer, you must note that this is only my opinion, you might think otherwise, but feel free to leave a comment down below.

First, let’s talk abot about the advantages of the online field:

  • It’s more secure
  • It’s a fast and easy setup process
  • Even if you are a novice you can give it a try
  • Its flexible in terms of the location where you can play

Now the advantages of the „offline” Poker game

  • You are more connected to the game
  • Nothing beats holding the cards in the hand, the cips and reading your opponent
  • The games are more intense
  • It’s a more social endeavour

At least those are the pluses in large, with the above mentioned in mind you can make the disadvantages list fairly easy.

Online poker is great for novices or those that want to be able to play from everywhere. It offers you the flexibility to be on the go, top up your account and start playing. In the case of offline poker, you have to commute where the game is being played and most of the time carry cash with you to buy in a few cips. But in the case of offline poker it’s a complete experience. You have to better strategize by reading your opponents, you have waiters that can serve you (not a definitive factor, but it matters sometimes and can vary from case to case) and most of all it encourages human interactions.

In my case i will say that online poker is better in terms of security and flexibility, but loses at some key points that for some seems not interesting. But i’m willing to trade that without feeling any remorse.

Do you agree? Do you think online Poker is a welcomed upgrade compared to conventional poker games? Leave a comment down below