More Casinos Support Mobile Gambling

Poised to Overtake Online Gambling

Whether you prefer playing poker or another casino game, soon, you  might be doing it on your smartphone or other mobile device more than any other way.

That’s because mobile gambling quickly has become a significant force on online gambling, and soon likely will supplant online gambling as the preferred medium for most players.

About five years ago, mobile wagering was a rarity, while online gambling began what experts expect to be about a decade of double-digit annual growth around the globe. Now, mobile gambling accounts for about 20 percent of all online casino revenue, and is growing fast.

Since 2013, online gambling has grown by about 11 percent per year, and industry experts expect that growth rate to continue through 2020. That growth rate, though, is too slow to hold off mobile gambling.

Mobile gambling grew by some 20 percent last year, and should continue growing along with cellular technology. Unlike computers, mobile technology has not reached market saturation.

This year, bettors are expected to wager some $100 billion via mobile gambling, which accounts for 20 percent of the about $500 billion that will be laid via online gambling. Next year, mobile gambling could top $165 billion and possibly grab as much as a third of the total online gambling market.

The price point for smartphones and mobile devices continues falling. Now, mobile technology is more accessible to more people than even a laptop computer — so long as they live in areas with cellular phone signals.

While it costs several hundred dollars for a good computer, most consumers can get a good smartphone for as little as nothing. Even phones that cost a couple hundred dollars are affordable when the price is broken down over a 24-month service contract and billed at 0 percent interest.

Most cellular plans, too, are affordable, with data plans offering unlimited amounts for small fees per month. When compared to the cost of maintaining high-speed Internet service or making regular trips to a land-based casino, mobile gambling is a much more affordable and accessible medium.

That you can use your mobile device to place phone calls certainly adds to the convenience of use when you want to play mobile slots on your Android device or other mobile technology.

Other recent advancements include larger video screens and high-definition video displays on something as portable as a cellular phone. And with headphones or external speakers, the sound quality is outstanding on iPad slots and other games.

With all its advantages, there is little wonder mobile gambling soon should supplant online gambling as the preferred medium for casino gaming.