Playing the Capsa Stacking Games with the Right Regulations

Now comes a new Game that Capsa Arrange with 4 different types of flowers consisting of Spades / Waru , Love / Heart , Curly / Curling & Diamond / Ketupat . Capsa Stacking Games is a gambling game that composes 13 Remi cards with for the highest card as well as the best compilation will be the Pemenanganya. Of course Capsa Stack is not foreign anymore is not it? Capsa Arrange this has become a game that is in great demand by many people Especially in Indonesia. This game will certainly be a very exciting and interesting game to play with the Capsa Arrange Online.

How to Play

Are you concerned regarding cara bermain capsa? Here are the options. In a Capsa Arranged Games, Each player will be distributed 13 cards and the player is tasked with arranging the 13 cards to become the best card arrangement in the game. The cards will be distributed into 3 arrangements, whereby the bottom card must have a greater combination value than the middle card, so the middle card must have a higher combination value than the top card. Bottom and middle cards will be given a maximum of 5 cards and for the top card will be given a maximum of 3 cards.

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The Combinations

Dragon is a Combination Card that is compiled complete Series 13 cards or Straight from the number As-K. (A, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, K). Royal Flush is a Combination of Straight Flush Card or Flower Series Equals with Highest Value Card. For example 10-JQKA (5 Skop / Waru Card). Royal Flush Straight Flush / Small playsi. Straight Flush is 5 pieces of the Series card and Blend / Same cards. For example A-2-3-4-5 Curly or KQJ-10-9 Love or 8-7-6-5-4 Wajik / Ketupat Straight Flush 4 Of A Kind / Pitini / Siki. 4 Of A Kind is 4 different card combinations of flowers with the same number or commonly called Piting / Siki . For example K- 8-8-8-8 or 5-5-5-5-10 4 OF KIND

Full House / Polo

Full House / Polo is a combination of 2 cards of the same number and 3 cards of the same number, eg AAAKK or 3-3-3-5-5. Flush is a combination of 5 pieces of the same type card (flower) and the numbers may be different. Example AJ-9-6-3 or 6-7-2-10-Q Kemang Sama . Straight is a combination of cards that match the Order, but the flowers are not the same. For example A-2-3-4-5.


3 Of A Kind is a combination of 3 pieces of cards with the same number of scores. For example K-10-AAA. 2 Pair is Combination of 2 pieces of the same card with the value of numbers. 1 Pair is a combination of 2 pieces of the same card, for example 5-5-2-J-7.

So, in case you had a thought about cara bermain capsa then it is for sure that you can follow the steps and the results will be the best. Understanding tricks happens to be quite crucial here in this case.

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