Top Card Game Apps for Windows Phone 8

This is a list of old and new classical card games and casino games that can be played anytime and anywhere on windows Phone 8 giving a thrilling and a riveting experience. Have a peek at this website.

Slot machine

Slot machines of different styles like classic slots, fruit slots, wild slots etc will give the player a real fun casino feel.


It is a fast-paced card game where the player can play against computer or person. To win the player has to get rid of all the cards before the opponent.


This is the classic version of Klondike Solitaire heightened to fun level by great control, nice graphics and sounds, hinting feature and drawing options.


This is the most famous app for the card game due to its different types of decks, background, difficulty level and amazing controls of the game.


The excellent graphics, realistic feel, amazing effects and easy interface has made Microsoft blackjack for mobile phones an excellent app. The game is getting popular day by day due to its luck and calculation mixture.

Spider Solitaire

Spider solitaire is one of the most intriguing and intricate card games that has a low probability of winning which makes its popular along with great graphics and effects.


In this game the motive is to outplay opponents by scoring maximum points. This app is really popular due to enchanting background and clean and clear graphics.

AE Hearts

This app has transformed the classic into a modern day addiction with great design, music, easy to navigate, four scoring modes and three levels of difficulty.

Solitaire Collection

This app is the ultimate requiem for solitaire lovers as this app host classic solitaire, spider solitaire, freecell and tri peaks. The app has customizable theme and has undo redo options.

Nertz Solitaire

It is a real time, multiplayer game that is won by getting rid of all of the cards before the opponent. Actually, it is a merger between speed and solitaire.

AE Video Poker

It is a poker style slot played with minimum luck and maximum graphics and sound.


The game is transformed to an easy and interesting level due to the variety of background, difficulty and great interface control.

Solitaire HD

It is the graphically revamped version of classic solitaire that gives the player some great animations as a treat.


This the plain and simple modern version of solitaire with undo redo options for players who like to keep it close to the original.


One of the most simple and funny card games where the player wins by collecting all cards in the deck. It has a funny graphic built.